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How to optimize your Instagram business profile

Optimize your  Business Profile by Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is that the way that brands use Instagram to attach with their target audiences and market their offerings. Recently, it's gained popularity as an exciting method for brands to show off their cultures, recruit new employees, engage with customers, and show off products in a new light. Instagram introduced Business Profiles in 2016. Since then many businesses have chosen to modify their Instagram accounts from a private profile to a business profile. 

The change seemed inevitable, with Instagram now being owned by Facebook. In some ways, Instagram acts as an extension of Facebook, emphasizing the visual element, and this is often particularly the case for business accounts and advertising. There has been some resistance to making the change though. Many businesses have noticed the lower organic reach of their Facebook pages compared to non-public Facebook profiles. They were worried that an equivalent would happen with Instagram. 

In practice, however, there doesn't appear to be the maximum amount stigma attached to an Instagram Business Profile than there's to a Facebook Business Page. If you still share quality material through your Instagram account, you're unlikely to ascertain much if any reduction in organic reach. This doesn’t mean that you simply should avoid having a Facebook Page for your business, however, as operating a Facebook page may be a requirement for having the ability to convert to an Instagram Business Profile.

Kickstart your Instagram strategy: snap photos & videos often
Every time you walk through your office or facility, you see a bunch of photo possibilities – each of which can tell a unique story about your organization. A busy team huddled around a workstation to complete a big project, an employee being surprised by a birthday cake in the break room, or even a special award the business has received can all make for great photo opportunities.
 These are the kinds of moments you can easily take for granted on a day-to-day basis. But for people on the outside who want to get to know you and feel like they’re part of the journey, an Instagram account with regular uploads is a great find. 
Snap pictures—and videos—of everything. Get yourself in a habit of having your phone insta-ready at the office and while you’re out n’ about. Special events, special moments, or even just daily operations can all be great for your Instagram strategy. You don’t have to post it right away—just document the moment to have on hand. Publish these on your feed, but also save some for your Story!
Humanize your account with engagement
One of the main reasons many people use Instagram for business marketing purposes is to help their customers feel more connected to the company. Professional organizations are always focused on creating the best results for the customer, but sometimes the business mindset can leave organizations seeming a bit rigid, overly formal, and uninviting. When you have an Instagram account, you automatically add a bit of a personality to your company image. Engaging with users is also helpful in this area, as it can really humanize your brand or organization.
 Respond to feedback, comment on other accounts, and make an effort to keep a two-way conversation going with your Instagram followers. You should also study up on hashtags, one of the platform’s most important components. Some businesses take the strategy of “a day in the life” and hand over the keys to their employees or influences to share what they’re up to for 24 hours or a weekend. People love people, so consider this idea if you’re looking for more engagement from your followers!
Looking for good hashtags? Use industry-based research
The hashtag remains one of the most popular and unique tools on social media. Instagram is more than a massive digital photo album – the use of hashtags makes it possible for users to communicate and reach others who are posting about the same subject. Having trouble figuring out which hashtags to use for your photos? The subject matter can be a good indicator – what’s going on in your photo? What is it about? What are the subjects? For example, common tags like ‘Best, top-notch’ and ‘award’ may be perfect for general purposes. 
But when you’re looking to reach a specific audience, the decision becomes a little more important. Each industry has certain hashtags that work better for helping them reach more people. You can research suggestions based on your field to make sure you have a good mix of general and industry-specific tags on all of your photos. Just open the app and use the search function to type in hashtags you think might be related to your industry, and have a look at similar companies/organizations to see what they’re using.
Better biographies make for better pages
Your use of pictures and hashtags is designed to help spread awareness about your company, its values, and its mission. When one of your posts catches a viewer’s attention, they may want to check out your main bio page. What will they find? If you want to hook them and keep their interest, you’ll need a great biography. 
Be concise, but be engaging. Tell your readers something that engages them, entertains them, or explains to them exactly what your business (and your account) is all about. When you have a strong bio, your viewers may want to see what your website offers. This could lead to a follow, or better yet, a customer.
Claim your local business profile
Similar to Google My Business, it’s important to claim your local profile on Instagram so you can update or add any necessary information as users are mobile and may leverage your Instagram profile to get directions or contact information.
Balance your content’s quality and quantity
When you’re using Instagram, it’s good to post regularly, but more than a few per day could turn off your audience. Also, remember to make each post count. Some clever editing could mean the difference in a picture getting clicked or passed over. Looking for more solutions on how to use social media platforms like Instagram for business?
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